I took my first picture when I was six years old, with an old box camera, and worked in a darkroom for the first time at age nine. Since then I have been fascinated by photography and the whole process of analog printmaking. The magic of working in the darkroom, see the image come alive and the excitement in the wait to see how your photograph turns out after developing the film, is one of the reasons why I have choosed photography to be my way of creativity. I only photograph in black and white. It is another dimension to see things. I like contrasts, greyscales, shadows, lines and light and think in those terms when I choose motifs for my photographs. I also like simplicity, minimalism and small details that makes the print interesting.

Today I work both in digital and on film. But always in Black and White.

If you are interested in buying any of my photographs, please send me an email at mats@matssandelin.se or use the contact form

Mats Sandelin

1980-82     Darkroom printer, Bildservice, Gothenburg
1984-85     Photographer, Kamerareportage, Gothenburg
1986-88     Catalog photographer, Beijers Auction house, Stockholm
1988-90     Photographer, Kamerareportage photo agency, Gothenburg
1990          Catalog photographer, Beijers Auction house, Stockholm
1990-93     Freelance photographer, Stockholm
1994          Photo editor, Pressens Bild agency, Stockholm
1994-98      Freelance photographer, Skåne
1998-2014   Marketing, Sales, Publishing.
2014-          Fine Art photographer, Mats Sandelin Photography

2018            Konsthallen Stockholm.

2017            PhotoGallery Skedet. Vadstena.

2017            Gallery Levelius, Stockholm "Stockholm & Stockholm"

2014            Gallery Levelius, Stockholm,
2014            Abode Gallery, Stockholm, Wisconsin, USA